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Effortless nasal relief for your child, instantly.

Ready to bid farewell to those pesky nose battles with your little munchkin? Meet The CozyNose—a superhero for stuffy noses! With its gentle suction, it swiftly banishes all the icky snot, leaving your little one breathing easy and oh-so-happy. Endorsed by top pediatricians like the amazing Dr. Emily Lawson, with over 15 years of experience working with little patients, The CozyNose guarantees to save the day when it comes to nasal congestion. And here's the cherry on top: no more messy cleanups! The collected snot is whisked away into the suction head, leaving your hands clean and your heart full. Don't let those sniffles and sneezes dampen your spirits, get yours today and join over 2,000 delighted parents!

    • EASY TO CLEAN: Say goodbye to worries about bacteria or mold! With The CozyNose, simply pop open the detachable tips and collection cup, and wash with hot soapy water. It's that easy! The perfect gift for new mothers who deserve a little extra convenience.
    • SAFE AND RELIABLE: 5 levels of suction power and 2 sizes of soft reusable silicone tips, ensuring the perfect suction strength for every little nose. Plus, its gentle yet powerful suction removes your baby's mucus without a peep, so your little one can breathe easy and sleep soundly.
    • STREAMLINE DESIGN: Designed with parents in mind, The CozyNose boasts an ergonomic design with zero screw exposure and simple one-handed operation. Just push a button and let the magic happen!
    • ITEMS INCLUDED: With The CozyNose, you'll receive everything you need for hassle-free nasal care: 2 Sizes of Silicone Tips, 1 USB Cable, a Storage Box, and our Priority Customer Service. It's the ultimate package for happy noses and happy babies!


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    Customer Reviews

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    Parenting game changer!!

    I got this product months ago hoping it would help with the daily occurrence of hard boogies in my son’s nose. It wasn’t spectacular at that - I prefer to use the oogie boogie or my pinky nail. But now we are facing our first cold with runny stuffy grossness. I’m so glad I had this thing on hand. It has been a dream. Super easy and quick to clear out his nose. It was so nice to grab in the middle of the night to quick suction so that he could eat. Cleaning it out is easy and clearly confirms it’s working.

    Charlie Everton
    Buy it before you need it!

    It arrived very quickly and works flawlessly! It is completely safe for your baby and works well at sucking all the snot away. I highly recommend it for any parent looking to "decongest" your baby. Since using this, my son is already having better sleep and less sniffling throughout the day. It's really a parent hack!!

    Every parent should own this

    This is my third baby and I can’t believe I’m only now finding out about this product ! I’m in love! It’s so easy and efficient I’m really grateful to have found it. So I bought this and FINALLY my sweet girl could breathe and eat and we could all sleep. I’m seriously buying this for everyone’s baby shower I go to. My baby doesn’t even hate it !

    Ines Tillman

    useful and simply..veeery funny. My friends/surroundings and I had a good laugh about yellow banana.🙈🤣 TELL ME YOU ARE A MOTHER WITHOUT TELLING ME YOU ARE A MOTHER! TADA!🤣🤣🤣

    Dennis Bard
    Really efficient snot sucker

    I was surprised how efficient this nasal aspirator was at sucking the snot out of my daughter’s nostrils. Works 100x better than any nasal bulb syringe I’ve gotten in the past. Gets the job done with no mess, great product and great price